Since 1993 Pour It Again Sam has introduced wine enthusiasts to a monthly wine adventure! We offer a selection of award-winning wines to suit all taste and all budgets. Our wines contain no added sugar, salt, or additives. and are guaranteed to delight. You have our guarantee of quality, as well as many other valuable membership benefits.

Our wine club is an all-inclusive membership where you will not only receive our specially selected wines , but also enjoy many other benefits. As a PIAS Wine Club Member your benefits will include access to any wine tasting at our “Wine Den for Intimate Friends” that you’ve been invited to, free of charge. Also free of charge you are approved to schedule a quarterly “Wine Sampling” at our Wine Den (by appointment only). These benefits and more for an activation membership fee of $49.99 and a monthly wine order of 2 – 12 bottles of our fine wines. Also you will receive exclusive updates on specials.

How it works

Wine club members can select their favorite types of wine and have their wine ready for pick-up at any time or automatically shipped every month.

  • You select up to 4 wine types. (Red, White, Sparking, Cognac, Port, liqueurs, etc…) Your selections can be changed quarterly.
  • You will also choose your discount category. If you choose 2 – 3 bottles per month, you discount will be 5% per bottle. If you choose 4 – 5 bottles per month, your discount will 10% per bottles.  6 -11 bottles your discount will be 15% per bottle. If you choose 12 or more bottles per month your discount will be 20%.
  • Based on your discount category, your wine chose will be selected from our fine wine by PIAS each month and available to be picked-up or shipped the second week each month. If wine is not picked up by the end month, the wine will be automatically shipped to you.

Please Contact Us For more information.